Meet the SkyFlix app.

SkyFlix offers a media streaming experience unlike any other on the market. Using iPad, SkyFlix is able to deliver users with a familiar platform. The SkyFlix app provides a beautiful and easy to use way to access hundreds of hours of content on SkyFlix. iPads also give your passengers the ability to take advantage of thousands of games, magazines and other applications.

From the moment passengers start browsing with the SkyFlix app they are greeted with superb visuals and information on each title. Movies, TV shows, and music are automatically matched with high resolution posters and customized artwork throughout the interface. In addition to the visuals, a synopsis and other information are automatically downloaded and saved on SkyFlix giving full access even without an in-flight internet connection.

No Internet Required.

Ready for the big screens.

SkyFlix allows all of your passengers to watch their favorite content on the iPad Pro’s fantastic screen. If you prefer a bigger screen, SkyFlix supports streaming to bulkhead monitors when paired with Apple TV’s. You can even stream multiple different movies simultaneously.

Light speed wireless.

SkyFlix’s integrated wireless router makes sure your content loads instantly. 802.11AC provides up to 3 times faster performance than 802.11N routers, and more than 20 times faster than some aircraft 802.11G systems.

Bigger on the inside.

With up to 4TB of solid state storage SkyFlix can store nearly 1000 HD movies. That’s enough content to keep your passengers entertained, no matter how long the flight.