The future of in-flight entertainment has landed.

SkyFlix was designed with one main idea: Simplicity. By focusing on that goal we made sure that SkyFlix was easy to use for everyone from passengers to flight crews. Passengers wanted a system they could pickup and use without reading a manual. Flight crews wanted to avoid acting as tech support and not have to worry about keeping devices charged. Mechanics wanted something easy to install that wouldn’t require any alterations to the aircraft and its systems. 

Solid inside and out.

Every part of SkyFlix was designed for the best possible experience. Even the milled aluminum chassis plays a part. Easy to grab handles integrated into the sides of SkyFlix make it easy to carry on and off the aircraft, while protecting the eight iPads that charge neatly inside.

Light weight. Heavy hitter.

SkyFlix is small enough to fit nearly anywhere on your aircraft with a footprint of only 11.45 by 9.85 by 7.3 inches. With a full complement of iPad devices, SkyFlix weights less than 20 pounds.

One step installation.

Installation is a major concern when installing entertainment systems. To alleviate this, SkyFlix doesn’t require any complex setup or installation.

Just put SkyFlix on your aircraft and connect it to a 110v or 220v power outlet and it will be ready in under a minute.

Plays nice with others.

SkyFlix is designed to work great by itself but it can just as easily compliment your aircraft existing systems. Using an Apple TV you can stream content  right onto bulkhead monitors, you can even stream multiple different movies at once. CMS control and existing in-flight internet systems can also be integrated.